Nairobi killing: 4 year old, but brave to say "You are a very bad man"

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Nairobi: 4 year old boy saved lives
Nairobi, Sept 25: The news would not have had a similar effect had it been a grown up saying the same things. Heroic in true sense, a 4 year old British boy stood up to one of the shooters and said 'You are a very bad man". Something stirred in him, media reports suggest, which is why he begged for the boy's forgiveness. In fact, this heroic act saved his mother who was already shot in the thigh.

Moreover, the attacker handed Mars Bars to him and his sister before letting them free, saying," please forgive me, we are not monsters." Their mother was queuing-up for milk when terror struck and she had to take refuge beneath the cold meat counter in the Nakumatt Supermarket. They hid there for one and a half hours until one of the shooters found them and shot her on the thigh.

Attackers handed over snackbars to the children and pleaded for forgiveness.

After the incident, the shooters said that any children who had survived could go. The children's uncle said,"They had a lucky escape. The terrorists said if any of the kids were alive in the supermarket they could leave. Their mother made the decision to stand up and say "yes". My nephew started arguing with them and called them bad men. He was very brave."

After realizing that the advertising producer was of French origin, the gunmen pleaded that Muslim faith was not a bad one and that she needed to change her religion. Fearing the worse, the woman agreed and escaped with her children and a 12 year old boy who refused to leave his dead mother's side. Rather bizarre, given the sporadic killings that were going on then, the gunmen also handed chocolates to the children before sparing them.

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