MH370: Norwegian Autoliner requested to search spotted areas

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Oslo, March 21: A Norwegian car carrier Hoegh St. Petersburg has reached the areas in the Southern Indian Ocean, off the coast of Australia, that have been identified to have the debris of the missing airliner MH370 by a satellite yesterday. The ship was travelling from Madagascar to Melbourne when they received a request from the Australian authorities to help them check the area for any floating debris from the missing airlines.

The area is located in one of the remotest part of the globe, located 2,500 kilometer southwest of Perth. Kristian Olsen, a spokesman at Hoegh Autoliners said,"We've got a request from Australian authorities to search the area, and we will assist as long as needed."

In fact, the ship was the first to reach the area at 0800 GMT, said the Norwegian shipping association. The larger of the two objects measured 24 meters long and the smaller one was 5 meters long approximately.

MH 370 is untraceable since it went missing on Saturday (March 15). Many theories have emerged surrounding its disappearance. Close to 26 nations are looking for the wreckage in their respective waters.

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