Is Pakistan readying for a soft coup?

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Bengaluru, Nov 3: The muscle power being displayed on the border is a desperate attempt by the Pakistan army to lift its sagging morale. This coupled with the decision of the Supreme Court which ordered a probe into the Nawaz Sharif link to the Panama papers has only made things interesting in Pakistan ahead of November 23, the day General Raheel Sharif the chief of the Pakistan army is due to retire.

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All eyes are on Pakistan for now and there is already talk that a coup is in the making. However analysts say that the coup may be a soft one and would look to topple Nawaz Sharif. However a take over of the army is unlikely for now, analysts also say.

Stage set for Nawaz Sharif's ouster:

India is watching the developments closely. There is unprovoked firing along the border each day and the tensions are really high. Following the September 29th surgical strikes carried out by India question marks about the ability of the Pakistan have been raised. There have been 60 cease fire violations in a month and this is a very high figure. Analysts say that this is a show of strength by the Pakistan military to lift its sagging morale.

For General Sharif the surgical strike only meant that his cloak of invincibility was off. India says that General Sharif has a point to prove and he will not sign out without doing something drastic. He will want to prove to Pakistan that the military is still mighty. However there would not be a total coup. A soft coup targeting Nawaz Sharif is however on the cards.

Border tensions coupled with the Supreme Court's inquiry into the Panama papers is a nothing but a stage being set for the ouster of Nawaz Sharif. To add to the Prime Minister's woes is Imran Khan's threat to march to Islamabad and seek the resignation of Nawaz Sharif.

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