Donald Trump fires latest salvo, accuses Cruz of bribing delegates

Posted By: PTI
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Washington, Apr 25:  Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has accused his main party rival senator Ted Cruz of bribing delegates but exuded confidence that this would not stop him from getting the majority of delegates needed to bag the party's nomination.

"He (Cruz) is bribing people essentially to vote," Trump told his supporters at a campaign rally in Hagerstown in Maryland, where the primary election is scheduled tomorrow along with four other states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

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Trump accuses Cruz of bribing delegates

Trump, who is leading in almost all these states on Sunday claimed that he is headed towards impressive victories in all the five states. "You look Tuesday, it looks like five. I don't know, but I believe in polls," he said referring to the recent polls.

"So let's say we win five, we win all five states, we pick up a lot," Trump said, noting that this would bring him closer to securing the majority of 1,237 delegates. Once he reaches this magical figure, there would be no need of an open or contested convention.

Poll experts say neither Cruz nor Ohio Governor John Kasich have any chance of getting 1,237 delegates through primary elections. "Now (Cruz) he can't do it on the first ballot, because they're locked into me on the first ballot. That's all I care about. I only care about the first," Trump said.

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"I'm millions of votes up on Cruz, millions of votes up on Kasich. I think we're going to make it easily," Trump said.

I'm millions of votes up on Cruz, millions of votes up on Kasich: Trump

According to RealClearPolitics average of polls, in the five states that vote tomorrow, Trump has a double-digit lead. Trump said that people should not expect him to stick around if he loses the Republican race to the White House.

"They fight like hell for six months, and they're saying horrible things, the worst things you can imagine," he said. "And then one of them loses, one of them wins. And the one who loses says, 'I just want to congratulate my opponent. He is a brilliant man, he'll be a great governor or president or whatever,'" Trump said.

"I'm not sure you're ever going to see me there. I think I'll go to Turnberry and play golf or something," said the real estate magnate from New York.

Meanwhile, Kasich said he has already started looking for his vice presidential candidate and would announce this in June before the Cleveland convention in July.


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