Did Russian linked hackers pry into Hillary Clinton's mails?

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Russia, Oct 1: The news relating to Hillary Clinton's emails never seem to end. The latest on the Hillary mails is that some Russian linked hackers made five attempts to snoop into her private emails.

While the attempts to hack Hillary mails are being analysed, it is suggested prima facie that there is no evidence to show that it was the job of the Russian intelligence or its citizens.


According to a report in the Associated Press there were five attempts that were made to hack into Hillary's private email account when she was the secretary of state.

She had received emails disguised as speeding tickets from New York with an instruction to print the attached tickets.

However, investigations had suggested that Hillary Clinton did not click on any of those links and open the attachments.

What were the hackers attempting?

Had Hillary Clinton opened any of those attachments it would have allowed the hacker to take control over her computer.

It has also been found that the attempt by the hackers was to transmit the data on her computer to several servers including one in Russia.

While it has been stated clearly that none of the attachments were opened up, the worrying sign was that the hacker was aware of her email address.

The email address was not public and hence it is surprising that the hacker managed to get hold of that information.

AP reports that the the phishing attempts highlight the risk of Clinton's unsecure email being pried open by foreign intelligence agencies, even if others also received the virus concealed as a speeding ticket from Chatham, New York.

The email misspelled the name of the city, came from a supposed New York City government account and contained a "Ticket.zip" file that would have been a red flag.

Hillary's never ending email woes:

Hillary Clinton had been in the eye of the storm with questions being raised whether they were secure.

In the month of March 2015 a controversy broke out over the exclusive use of personal email accounts on a non-government, privately maintained email server in lieu of official government email accounts maintained on secured Federal government servers when conducting official business during her tenure as United States Secretary of State.

However, Hillary Clinton and her staff have stated that her use of the private email account was "aboveboard" and allowed under State Department rules.

Hillary however, maintained that nothing was classified in her correspondence and also insisted that all her work emails were reviewed by the state department.

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