China’s miracle child: Dying father’s hug saves 3-year-old girl’s life

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He gave her life twice, literally. This heart-wrenching story of a father-daughter duo from China will leave you teary eyed.


In a building collapse incident, reported from eastern province of Zhejiang in China, where at least 22 people were killed, a dying father saved his three-year-old daughter.

The rescuers found Wu Ningxi, well-protected by the embrace of her father, inside the rubble of a collapsed multi-storey building in Wenzhou.

Unfortunately, the father, a 26-year-old man, was long dead before he could be saved. The body of the mother was also found lying near the father-daughter duo.

"The child was able to survive entirely thanks to the fact that her dad used his own flesh and blood to prop up a life-saving space for his daughter," a rescuer told the China Youth Daily.

The father, a shoe factory worker, died after a heavy cement pillar fell on him.

Wu was the last survivor found inside the debris of the four six-storey residential buildings collapsed on Monday.

According to the rescuers, the girl sustained minor injuries as her father provided her the much-needed protection to survive a massive disaster.

"A total of 22 people died in the tragedy. Only five survivors other than the girl were rescued," said officials of Lucheng district government during a press conference.

The cause of the disaster was still under investigation, the state broadcaster CCTV said.

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