Brexit: Farage thinks Remains have it; Gibralter votes to stay in EU

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London, June 24: UK Independence Party leader (UKIP) Nigel Farage on Thursday said the Brexit might not happen soon after the polling for the historic referendum in the UK to exit the EU concluded. He said the 'Remain' camp would win based on what he has heard from his friends in the financial markets. [What is Brexit and why is it important?]

Two latest polls have suggested that the Remains would win the referendum. While a YouGov poll said the Remains would win 52 per cent as against the Leaves' 48 per cent, an Ipsos-Mori poll predicted the Remains to win 54 per cent of the votes as against the Leaves' 46 per cent.


Gibralter votes to remain in EU

Meanwhile, the first result of the referendum was announced in Gibralter where the 'Remains' outsmarted the Leaves by getting 96 per cent of the votes (19,322 to 823).

The polling for the referendum, which took place between 11 am IST (June 23) and 2.30 am IST (June 24), saw a big turnout, which left the Remains encouraged.

Farage thanked the voters for the high turnout.

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