Lunar Eclipse: Watch out for a 'bloody' Moon today

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Bangalore, Oct 8: Today, one can be witness to a rare lunar eclipse called the "Blood Moon" where the moon appears red. The full moon will pass completely into the Earth's shadow. Second to a series of four so-called Blood Moon eclipses, this phenomena is also called the Northern Hemisphere's Hunter's Moon.

While this has already taken place in the wee hours of Northern America and the Hawaiian islands, New Zealand, Australia and eastern Asia may witness it after sunset today.

A partial lunar eclipse can be seen before sunrise October 8 from much of South America, or after sunset October 8 from western Asia.

There are two phases to it and the regions experiencing these stages would be different.

Total lunar eclipse:

Lasting for 3 and 1/3 hours, this will be visible North America, northeastern South America, the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand, Australia and eastern Asia are in a good position worldwide to watch the total eclipse of the moon on October 8.

However, in the eastern hemisphere, it is likely to appear after sunset on October 8.

The Partial eclipse:

This is likely to be visible in dawn from the extreme eastern portion of North America (Newfoundland), and much of South America (except the eastern half of Brazil) before sunrise on October 8.

Western Asia (eastern India, Nepal, western China) will witness it after sunset on October 8.

Meanwhile ISRO, in a tweet at its official Twitter site has stated "Watch the lunar eclipse today, between 1:44 PM IST and 7:05 PM IST. Partially visible from India, towards the end of eclipse."

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