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Afghan attacks: Joining the dots, the Pakistan hand post the Donald Trump tweet

By Vicky

Kabul has been hit by a wave of terror strikes over the past couple of days. While these attacks have been claimed by the Taliban what is more important to note is the timing of these strikes.

All the three attacks have been audacious in nature and have been carried out with pin-point precision. These attacks which have the backing of the Pakistan army are timed with the Donald Trump tweet and also his tweaking to the Afghan policy.

Afghan attacks: Joining the dots, the Pakistan hand post the Donald Trump tweet

These are revenge strikes say senior security officials. Majeed Qarar, an Afghan diplomat said that " pressure in pressure out. The harsh wave of attacks in Kabul was expected after Donald Trump tweeted about Pakistan. Does anyone in the world still doubt about Pakistan's terrorist status. Just link these two dots and the picture is clear."

On Monday the Kabul Military Academy came under attack. The ISIS has claimed the attack, but Afghanistan believes that it was the handiwork of the Taliban. On Saturday, more than 100 people died when a suicide bomber used an ambulance to penetrate security and detonate a device in a crowded city street. A week before that 22 people died in an attack on the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul.

ISIS claims responsibility for Kabul Military Academy attack

The Taliban is known for audacious attacks, but the manner in which it has been striking has a larger meaning. The Intelligence says that Afghanistan could expect more such strikes in the coming days. It is Pakistan's indirect way of telling the US to go soft on them. It is also intended at sending the message to the US that Pakistan needs to always be a major player in Afghanistan.

What has lent proof of a Pakistan hand is the military grade goggles that were found at the attack site on Monday. These were military grade goggles which is not available for the public. Interestingly these are the same goggles that is used by the Lashkar-e-Tayiba in Kashmir.

Qarar said the night vision goggles found with the Taliban were military grade. This is not sold to the public. It was procured by the Pakistan army from a British company and supplied to the Lashkar-e-Tayiba in Kashmir and Taliban in Afghanistan. Lashkar-e-Tayiba is an international terrorist organisation.

Meanwhile Delhi is watching closely the developments in Afghanistan. These wave of attacks have a larger meaning and message said an official in Delhi. These are meant to send a message to the United States of America. These are clearly Pakistan sponsored and the timing of the attacks tells the entire picture, the officer also added.

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