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The rise of pro-Khalistan Amritpal Singh should worry Aam Aadmi Party more in Punjab

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A new leader Amritpal Singh is on the intelligence agency's radar these days. The man who walks, talks and dresses like Bhindranwale has been addressing mass gatherings and openly espousing the Khalistan cause.

New Delhi, Nov 29: It is common knowledge that the anti-national forces operating from abroad are trying to revive the Khalistan movement in India. It is also common knowledge that there is a left liberal mechanism that is constantly trying to distort India's history.

In the midst of this, a new leader of the Waris Punjab De, Amritpal Singh is in the news. The rise of Amritpal comes at a time when the Intelligence agency has been speaking about the attempts being made to revive the Khalistan movement in India. Although not much traction has been gained by those trying to revive it from Canada through money-driven proscribed outfits such as the Sikhs for Justice, the rise of Amritpal is being closely watched.

Amritpal Singh

The Dubai connect:

The Centre has raised questions about the Khalistan ideologue's track record. He was living in Dubai before he landed in Punjab. Amritpal has been addressing mass gatherings for several months now. Worse, he is openly espousing the Khalistan cause which has become a security nightmare.

The silence on an anti-India rhetoric by Khalistan forces will bite the West sooner than it thinksThe silence on an anti-India rhetoric by Khalistan forces will bite the West sooner than it thinks

Earlier this month, while speaking with media persons at the Rozgar Mela in Chandigarh, Union Minister Hardeep Puri said that there is a need to look into the reasons behind his sudden rise. "We all know, he is from Dubai. Someone should check out his links there," Puri said, while adding that Centre was keeping a close watch on the otherwise deteriorating law and order situation in Punjab.

His questions on India:

In a recent interview the man who walks, talks and dresses like Bhindranwale spoke about the very existence of India. He said that the Britishers had forcibly brought Punjab into India, while adding that Bharat did not exist before 1947. Incidentally he is a follower of terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. Currently he is seeking the Sikh empire back which according to him was lost to the British in 1849.

An official tells OneIndia that looking at the manner in which things are shaping up, it looks like Amritpal is aiming to radicalise the youth of Punjab. He has been constantly advocating for a separate Sikh rule in Punjab, a well known demand that is being made by the Khalistan elements for several years.

He cut his hair:

Amritpal took over the 'Waris Punjab De' following the death of Deep Sandhu in an accident. Sandhu is an accused in the January 26 Red Fort violence case. Had Amritpal really been a proponent of what the Guru had preached, then he would not have cut his hair while in Dubai and disobeyed the 5 Ks.

With Khalistanis having a free run in Canada, UK, India set to send out strong message With Khalistanis having a free run in Canada, UK, India set to send out strong message

Sandhu moved back to India from Dubai on August 20 leaving behind his family business and permanent resident status in Canada. It is a well known fact how Khalistan elements, who have a free run in Canada, have been propagating their ideology.

Amritpal has no formal religious schooling and he studied only until Class 10 following which he enrolled at a polytechnic in Kapurthala. After dropping out from there as well, he cut his hair, shaved his beard and left for Dubai to join his family business.

The revival:

The Indian agencies have been closely watching the developments in Punjab. India has also raised several times the issue with countries such as the United Kingdom and Canada, where pro-Khalistan elements are having a free run.

The official cited above said that people like Amritpal Singh should not be given such a free run in Punjab and the police there should act. Such figures who speak openly about a separate state are dangerous in nature, the officer also said.

Earlier this year, the agencies had said that one of the biggest headaches ahead is the rise of this movement. The Aam Aadmi Party government should take the issue more seriously and not let this issue go out of hand considering security is a state subject, an expert pointed out.

The former prime minister of Pakistan, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had once said that Pakistan will also have a Bangladesh carved out of India, but it would be on the Pakistan border, he had said while making a clear reference to Khalistan.

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