The begging racket of Bengaluru and the mafia behind it

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Bengaluru, Aug 7: The Bengaluru police has launched Operation Smile which is aimed at rescuing children forced into begging. [Meet ACP Harishekaran: He wants to put a smile back on the children's face]

Two years back there was an intelligence bureau alert issued in which it was stated that children forced into begging were also becoming victims of human trafficking.

operation smile

Every year 100s of children are brought in from Bihar and Rajasthan and forced to beg on the streets.

While the children who are able to walk are forced to beg there is another sad side to it which involves the infants.

There are agents everywhere in Bengaluru city and then run a racket which is deep rooted and for the extra bucks that they make, the life and future of children are put at risk.

The sleepy child:

Begging on the streets is a major business. The recently launched drive termed as Operation Smile aimed at rescuing children from the streets has revealed several shocking details.

While most of the details we already know about, the fact is that this horrid trade continues to exist.

Women and children who beg on the streets earn anything between Rs 300 and Rs 400 a day.

While the lives of the young are put at great risk there is also another side to the tale. Infants are a big draw in this racket.

Children are sometimes stolen or their own mothers use them to make a quick buck by begging on the streets.

A woman with a child is a major draw and the chance of the people giving out money is more likely.

Children are given a glass of milk in the morning. However if one would closely notice the child is always sleeping.

This is because there is a drug mixed in the morning and fed to the child as a result of which it sleeps through the day.

A crying baby for these persons is a nuisance and while the child sleeps through the day they can beg in peace.

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