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President’s Rule or government formation: Will BJP end up becoming hostage to the rebels


Bengaluru, July 24: The resignation of the rebel MLAs and their adamance to stick to it witnessed the collapse of the H D Kumaraswamy led coalition government in Karnataka.

The BJP appears to be all set to form the government in a House with a reduced strength where it has a wafer thin majority. A lot would depend on the decision of the Speaker, who is seized off the resignations of the MLAs. There is also a complaint seeking to disqualify the MLAs.

President’s Rule or government formation: Will BJP end up becoming hostage to the rebels

Let us assume that the BJP forms the government and the rebels back it, the BJP would sure have the required numbers. The question is will the BJP have a stable government considering it would rely on the support of the rebels.

Coalition down: Fate of the Karnataka rebels is now in Speaker's hand

The BJP has a hard job ahead to run the government and ensure that everyone in it is happy. It would not only have to accommodate its own members, but also keep the rebels happy. After all the effort the party would not want to end up like the fallen coalition which was hostage to its own MLAs in its 14 month stint.

The BJP in Karnataka is keen on forming the government, but the central leadership wants this to be a fruitful exercise and provide steady governance. Sources tell OneIndia that the BJP would not want to rush into things. B S Yeddyurappa would take oath as the Chief Minister and expand his cabinet only after the decision on the rebels becomes clear.

Dr. Sandeep Shastri, leading political scientist says that if the BJP tries and forms the government, it would end up becoming hostage to those MLAs who have resigned. This would also raise questions within the party of giving away too much to the rebels rather than their own, who have always been with the BJP.

I feel that it is the state leadership which is more keen on coming to power. The central leadership on the other hand would want to wait. It has come to power with a very significant victory. They would not be in a great hurry. Rather, they would prefer to go for an election along with Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Haryana, says Dr. Shastri.

The Lok Sabha elections have clearly showed the support the BJP enjoys. All surveys suggest that if there is an election in Karnataka, the BJP would sail through and hence this would be a better option for the party to take.

With the fall of the Karnataka coalition, Congress rules only one southern state

Dr. Shastri says that the President's rule is the best option for now. The BJP would be better placed to face an election.

Dr. Sandeep Shastri also says, if Karnataka goes for an election, then the alliance won't stand. Once out of power, they won't remain together. If they fight it together, then are only inviting more problems. The Lok Sabha elections, they fought together because they wanted to cling on to power in the state.

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