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Peace in the region seems elusive unless there is a strong civilian government in Pakistan


New Delhi, Oct 1: The way Pakistan has conducted itself in the past one week, it appears that the country is not serious about peace initiative in the region. Pakistan is not showing any intent to move in the direction of moving towards peace in the region rather it is involved in mudslinging with unsubstantiated testimonies.

Peace in the region seems elusive unless there is a strong civilian government in Pakistan

From the very word go for the newly elected cricketer turned politician and Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, he has been unable to make any impact on the government and it appears the Pakistani Army is calling shorts there as has always been said. Reports were doing rounds after Pakistan elections that he had managed to get the position with the help of Army and judiciary. In such a situation if killing of BSF personal and attack along the boarder continues, the Pakistan PM offering olive branch to India does not mean anything which was clear from the development.

Hindu, Yogi, RSS: The common factor between Pakistan's official line and Lashkar's thinking

There is a long stated position of India that terror and talks can't continue. However, there is unstated position of Pakistan on the issue of foreign policy vis-e-vis some countries. Expert on strategic matter Ashis Shukla told Oneindia, "Core area of foreign policy of Pakistan is captured by Army that included India-Pakistan relations, relations with Afghanistan, China and the US and now with Russia. Let there be any civilian leader at the helm in Pakistan but if it wants any deal with India like talks or anything else then it cannot do without approval of Army."

This has also been stated by India time and again that Kashmir is integral part of India and Pakistan must stop proxy war. Foreign minister of Pakistan's statement on Peshawar attack which was responded by Indian representative at the United Nations Eenam Gambhir by saying, "Among the most outrageous was the preposterous allegation relating to the horrific attack on a Peshwar school four years ago." The Indian representative said that it is a desperate attempt to look away from the monster of terror that Pakistan has itself created in its quest to destabilize its neighbour and covet their territory.

Experts on Pakistan say, "This kind of propaganda will continue as the script of foreign minister's speech is written by the Army which draws strength from such words. Actually Army in Pakistan is a state within state as Pakistan is captured by its Army so tightly that it is difficult for the state to go out of it."

In selection of new ISI chief, Imran Khan wasn't given a choice

Actually the problem lies here on which the country suffers with ostrich syndrome. The difference between good and bad terrorism is created by Pakistan Army and uses so-called terrorism network for good jihadi and bad jihadi and civilian government cannot do anything against them. "Good jihadies are such jihadies which Pakistani Army uses as its strategic assets like Laskar e Toiba, Laska-e-Jhangvi or Hakkani Network in Afghanistan. So such terrorist organisations that take care of the interest of Pakistani Army and cause trouble for country like India or Afghanistan or any other country, they are good jihadi and are not targeted by Pakistani Army. But some other terrorist organisations that create trouble in the Pakistan itself like Tahrik e Taliban Pakistan or many other splinter group of the organisation, they are bad jihadies. They execute bomb blast in Pakistan itself. They target Pakistan Army and common people. They are bad jihadies and target by the Army.

Actually Pakistan Army wants to have such a puppet government to give a message to the world that they are having a democratic government but for all practical purpose it is Army that is ruling roost the country. As long as a strong civilian government is not there in Pakistan peace in the region seems elusive.

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