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Khalistan, the real intent: Why demand for repeal of farm laws is just an excuse


New Delhi, Feb 05: It started out as a farmer protest against the farm laws, but over a period of time, it became a propaganda tool for pro-Khalistan elements. The tweets by the likes of Rihanna and Greta Thunberg only went on to show that foreign elements had started to comment on the internal affairs of the country and that too on a law that was passed by the Indian Parliament after due deliberations.

Khalistan, the real intent: Why demand for repeal of farm laws is just an excuse

While the farmers have been seeking nothing less than a repeal of the farmer laws, the propaganda artists controlling the protest from abroad have made it clear that the repeal of the laws will not be a victory. They have said that the battle begins with the repeal of the laws and the protests would not end just there.

The Khalistan infiltration: What we are witnessing in Delhi is exactly what SJF planned

Mo Dhaliwal, whose role the agencies are probing following the toolkit tweeted by Thunberg is trying to hijack the protests and make it a continued affair. The founder of the Vancouver based Poetic Justice Foundation, who is accused of preparing the toolkit is clearly looking to use these protests to achieve the larger agenda of Khalistan or a separate Khalistan state.

You are not separate from the Khalistan movement. They are trying to drain your energy from this movement and let no one tell you that the battle is going to end with the repeal of the law, Dhaliwal says in a video. While the authenticity of this video is yet to be ascertained, the fact of the matter is that several pro-Khalistan groups have been trying to push their agenda and make the farmer protests an issue to further their movement.

The ISI which has nurtured the Khalistan leaders for long too has been making efforts to revive the Khalistan movement. They have met with no success as the movement is not gaining much traction, especially in Punjab.

Intelligence Bureau officials tell OneIndia that ever since the farmer protests started, the ISI has been pushing its handlers to infiltrate the protests and ensure that it turns violent. If one looks at the toolkit tweeted by Thunberg, then it becomes amply clear that the intention was only to fan violence and show the country in poor light.

There was also mention about the disruption of peace on January 26 apart from the repeal of the farm laws.

It was clearly an attempt to incite widespread violence and malign India's image.

Farmers protest: Greta Thunberg tweets 'toolkit', deletes and updates; Creates uproar

Meanwhile, India has reached out to the United States in connection with the probe against the Khalistan backed Sikhs for Justice. The SJF since the beginning of the farmer protests has been putting up posts on the social media to incite violence. The government of India issued a Mutual Legal Assistance Request to the United States for investigation into the matter of the Sikhs for Justice Referendum 2020.

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