Jihad will come in a big way warn terrorists of the Bengal Caliphate

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New Delhi, Dec 21: Jihad will come in a big way and you will witness something that you have never seen before was a chilling message put out by members of the Bengal Caliphate recently.

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The formation of the Bengal Caliphate is real and is posing a danger to India especially in states such as West Bengal and Assam. The members of the group look to recruit several persons from these states in a bid to strengthen the Bengal Caliphate which is being run out of Bangladesh.


A Home ministry report suggests that there were signs of a build up when the Burdwan blasts of 2014 took place. A bomb had accidentally went off at Burdwan in West Bengal.

Investigations revealed that bombs were being prepared and they were to be used to carry out blasts in Bangladesh and West Bengal. The Burdwan blasts were just a pre-cursor to what lay in store.

The Islamic State which is trying to make its mark in the sub-continent is relying heavily on radical youth from Bangladesh, West Bengal and Assam. The threat is real and must be dealt with soon.

The respective state governments must also play a proactive role in helping central agencies deal with the threat, the report also states.

'Try and stop us'

A 5.5 minute video was recently released by the group that calls itself the Bengal Caliphate. According to Indian security agencies, this group is affiliated to the IS and claims to set up the Caliphate.

In the video that has been recorded at Al Raqqah in Syria, three youth speaking in Bengali warn that attacks would take place. Attacks will take place until you lose and we win, the youth say.

"The Sharia will be established and the Bengal Caliphate will be a reality. Try and stop us. How do you people support democracy? Jihad will come in a big way and you will witness something that you have never seen before," the three persons further state.

The Bengal Caliphate comprises Bangladesh, West Bengal and Assam. The idea is to put up a solid outfit and then stage attacks in India.

The message makes the intention of the operatives clear.

IS takes notice:

The IS sees a great potential in Bangladesh where there are groups such as Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen, Bangladesh and the Ansarul Bangla Team which subscribe to the ideology of the terror group.

Experts say that the IS will continue to urge the youth in Bangladesh and several parts of India. They will keep releasing video and put out propaganda material. The IS would also look to work alongside an outfit in the region which is familiar with the logistics.

Sending fighters from Iraq or Syria would not be feasible because of logistics and language problems. Officers say that the focus would be on the local youth who would be urged to stage lone-wolf attacks.

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