Why India should not ignore the rise of the Bengal Caliphate?

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Bengaluru, Sept 24: As India puts its entire focus on terror emanating from Pakistan, intelligence bureau officials warn that groups such as the JMB-ISIS combine may try and make further inroads in other parts of the country. The JMB-ISIS combine which operates in Bangladesh, West Bengal and Assam has been looking to set up the Bengal Caliphate.

The investigations conducted following the arrest of Mohammad Masiuddin at Tamil Nadu's Tirpur, a resident of Birbhum, West Bengal have revealed that there is a sinister plot in store.

Rise of the Bengal Caliphate

Also known as Musa, this 25-year-old alleged operative of the ISIS-Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen, Bangladesh tells investigators that he was radicalised online.

He caught the eye of the investigators when he posted a video online in which he is seen raising the ISIS flag in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir.

The rise of the ISIS-JMB

Intelligence Bureau officials tell OneIndia that while studying the pattern, it becomes evident that the JMB carries out  fieldwork in the name of the ISIS. The JMB shares the same ideology as the ISIS does and they have been working on setting up the Bengal Caliphate.

There were attempts made by this group to infiltrate into Kashmir as well. Musa says that he had visited Kashmir and conducted a reconnaissance of targets.

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He also speaks about conducting similar operations in West Bengal as well. Investigators have also learnt that the Bengal Caliphate being planned by these groups would cover, Bangladesh, West Bengal, Assam and Jharkhand.

Investigations have also revealed that the ISIS-JMB combine is being headed by Abu Sulaiman, a man of Bangladeshi origin. He is the one who roped Musa into the outfit and convinced him to survey a few targets. It has also been revealed that the outfit members were told not to source any guns or bombs.

Instead focus on knife attacks they were told as it does not tend to catch the attention of the intelligence agencies. Musa also revealed that he had picked up a 13-inch knife which he had planned on using in the attack.

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