India bans ISIS- What it means to the security establishment?

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Bengaluru, Feb 13: ‎In a major boost to the Indian security agencies the government of India has declared the ISIS as a terrorist organisation. The move comes following several cases relating to the ISIS being registered in India.

India had not declared the ISIS as a terrorist outfit. The ban imposed by the United Nations was in place. A ban by the UN was applicable to India as well, but it was general and not specific in nature.


The ban has been issued under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act. A formal notification to this effect has also been issued.

What a specific ban by India means?

A specific ban by India would mean the agencies like the National Investigating Agency, Intelligence Bureau, state police and the Enforcement Directorate would have more power to tackle the issue. The more important aspect is that any person leaving the country to join the ISIS can be booked by the Indian agencies.

In several cases it had been found that persons who had attempted to join the ISIS were brought back counselled and let off. The specific ban by India would mean that cases can be registered against such persons.

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Earlier it was said that a person leaving India and trying to join the ISIS cannot be booked since he has not committed any offence in India. However now with this ban even being part of an outfit or propagating it's ideology can invite a case.

Head hunters for the Al-Khorasan

OneIndia had reported that the birth of the Al-Khorasan the Afghan wing of the ISIS and the increase in number of head hunters in Bengaluru and Kolkata had caused a headache for security agencies.

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The ISIS coming to the sub-continent had sent warning bells among the agencies who felt that the recruitment process would go up. In order to tackle such issues it had become extremely necessary for the ISIS to be banned specifically by India.

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