Jihad shoppers highest in Bengaluru, Kolkata

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Bengaluru, Feb 13: The highest number of Jihad shoppers or head hunters for the ISIS are in Bengaluru and Kolkata. These head hunters are currently staying away from the internet and using the word of mouth tactic in a bid to spruce up the recruitment, an Intelligence Bureau dossier which is in the possession of OneIndia News states.

A changed strategy to stay away from the internet as there is too much scrutiny appears to be what the ISIS is doing. With 40 dedicated jihadi shoppers spread across the country, the ISIS hopes to build a considerable force in a bid to strengthen its Afghanistan outfit, Al-Khorasan, the dossier also points out.


Recruiters in Bengaluru and Kolkata:

According to the dossier, the highest number of head hunters are on Bengaluru and Kolkata. Since there is a clamour for educated youth and Bengaluru being an IT hub, the recruiters have chosen this destination.

Kolkata on the other hand is strategic. Recruitment from Kolkata are easily aided by ISIS sympathizers from Bangladesh. Moreover, with the Al-Qaeda trying to consolidate in West Bengal and Bangladesh, this area becomes all the more important for the ISIS.

The IB suspects that there may be at least 25 head hunters in Bengaluru and Kolkata. The rest are in Mumbai and Hyderabad. These persons have relied heavily on a word of mouth service to promote the ideology.

Success rate not high:

The dossier states that the success rate has not been what they would have expected it to be. There are various factors for this. There is heightened vigil and this has dampened their efforts.

Moreover what the ISIS head hunters are pitching for is the Al-Khorasan, its new wing in Afghanistan. This has not yet caught up with several persons and it may take a while for them to associate with the new outfit.

Further the major operation that was launched by the Indian agencies called Operation Chakravyuh has been largely successful. The agencies create fake accounts and keep a tab on possible recruits and when they try to leave they are apprehended.

Indian Mujahideen on the rise:

The Indian Mujahideen after the arrest of its top cadre including Yasin Bhatkal has been lying low. According to the dossier, the IM is focusing more on recruitment in a bid to help the ISIS.

Under Sultan Ahmed Armar the head of the Ansar-u-Tawhid, which comprising the IM and the ISIS, there is a huge recruitment process going on, the dossier states.

The IM has experience in recruiting youth for a war in Afghanistan. Ahmed Bhatkal was in fact recruited by Armar and sent to Afghanistan two years back. However, Bhatkal was killed in battle in Afghanistan.

With this kind of history and experience, the rise of the IM along with the ISIS is a worrying trend, the dossier notes.

Charge sheeting the ISIS sympathizers:

The Intelligence Bureau notes that there is a need to chargesheet the ISIS operatives and sympathizers who are in the custody of the police in various states. It is not sufficient if these persons are arrested based on Intelligence inputs. Cases have to be taken to a logical conclusion, the officer also says.

Former chief of the Research and Analysis Wing, C D Sahay says that trial and punishment is the best deterrent in such cases. Cases should be completed soon so that it acts as a deterrent for those trying to jump into the ISIS, he further states.

Strict ban on ISIS related activities:

The intelligence bureau while pointing out several incidents states that many have been let off for promoting the ISIS. Last year a group of boys had posed with ISIS T-shirts in Tamil Nadu.

This was followed by an incident in Kashmir where ISIS flags were waved. These incidents need to be viewed seriously now and such promotional activity needs to be stopped.

Such incidents only help the ISIS spread their agenda and the local police must do everything to prevent this. In the days to come we could witness a turf battle between the ISIS and the Al-Qaeda in the sub-continent and hence the vigil needs to be stepped up, the Intelligence Bureau officer also states.

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