Good News for Women: Husbands can't divorce 'ailing' wives, rules Supreme Court

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New Delhi, Dec 4: Supreme Court of India claimed that husbands cannot give divorce to their "ailing" wives. Women across the country might be happy today as they will get support, both mental and financial, from their husbands during the time of distress.

The apex court's judgment came on Thursday, Dec 3 during a hearing of a case in which a man wanted to give divorce to his wife who is suffering from breast cancer.


Rejecting the man's appeal, the court said that the man cannot put an end to his marriage even if he gets consent from his wife. In this case, the wife was ready for the divorce as her husband had agreed to give Rs 12.5 lakh as alimony.

The apex court asked the man to give Rs 5 lakh to his wife for her treatment and also instructed him to reconsider his decision to give divorce once his wife recovers from illness.

In its judgment, the Supreme Court bench headed by MY Eqbalm said, "Hindu marriage is a sacred and holy union of husband and wife by virtue of which the wife is completely transplanted in the household of her husband and takes a new birth. It is a combination of bone to bone and flesh to flesh."

"To a Hindu wife her husband is her God and her life becomes one of the selfless service and profound dedication to her husband. She not only shares the life and love, but the joys and sorrows, the troubles and tribulation of her husband and becomes an integral part of her husband's life and activities."

"It is evident that the wife needs sufficient amount of money for the treatment of breast cancer. Hence, it cannot be ruled out that in order to save her life by getting money, she agreed for a settlement of dissolution of marriage," the apex court added.

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