Gajendra Singh never had suicidal tendencies, did not suffer huge crop loss

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New Delhi, April 23: The Delhi police which has submitted a report to the Home Ministry clears states that the rally was not meant to be held at Jantar Mantar.

However, the more interesting point is the claim by his own family and that was he did not suffer such a huge crop loss that would have warranted a suicide. [Gajendra Singh had tried his hand in politics]

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Not in dire financial crisis

What the various accounts by family members, district authorities and also friends have suggested is that he was not in a bad financial state. [Gajendra Singh was in touch with Manish Sisodia, say dead farmer's relatives]

Although his suicide note claims that he suffered huge crop losses, members of his family and district administration state that it was under 33 per cent.

Yes there was a crop loss, but that was only wheat. The incessant rains had destroyed his wheat crop. But he had backing of gooseberries, guavas and a couple of teak wood trees in the seven acre plot that he owned.

No suicidal tendency

Further, those close to him who spoke with OneIndia said that he never had any suicidal tendency. He always wanted to be famous. [Hai Kisan Hai Kisan: India's parties engage in shameless blame game over a farmer's death]

His attempts at fame included stints in politics and also interacting with tourists. Whatever he did he wanted to be known, his friends say.

It came as such a shock to see him committing suicide, his friends say and also add in the same breath that it was a case which went horribly wrong. He could not have committed suicide as he always wanted to live.

Moreover his aunt too has said that he had asked her to switch on the television and watch what was about to happen at Jantar Mantar. He also told her he would return home.

Further the police have also learnt that he called his brother Vijendra Singh and told him that he was on television.

Questions about the venue

The Delhi police which was accused by the Aam Admi Party has made it clear that there was no permission to hold the rally at Jantar Mantar. It was a crowd of over 20,000 and Jantar Mantar can hold only 5000 people. [Gajendra Singh cremated amid pro-farmer slogans]

Regarding the death of Singh, they have said that the crowd was out of control and there were too many volunteers at the venue and hence spotting anything or controlling the crowd was difficult.

The very fact that the rally was held at Jantar Mantar was wrong as the AAP had clearly violated an order not to conduct the rally there and instead move it to a bigger ground like the Ram Lila Maidan, the Delhi police also say.

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