Hai Kisan Hai Kisan: India's parties engage in shameless blame game over a farmer's death

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Whenever its is the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), something bizarre is bound to happen. On Wednesday, a tragedy occurred when a farmer committed suicide at its rally at the Jantar Mantar in the national capital. [Probe team sent to Rajasthan to meet Gajendra Singh's family]

A massive blame game broke loose soon after the incident happened and opposition parties like the BJP and Congress blamed the AAP leadership saying it continued with its politics while AAP leaders said it was a conspiracy. AAP chief and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said the police personnel present at the spot did not do enough to stop the farmer. [Farmer hangs himself from tree at AAP rally; BJP calls it conspiracy by Kejriwal]


We are yet to know what was the exact reason behind the bizarre incident. But one thing is for sure. In a naked competition to score over the opponent, India's political parties have left the nation in a shame. [Listen: Delhi's Peepli Live Moment]

Both the police and the ruling party of Delhi be held responsible for not trying to avert the tragedy

How did a man commit suicide in front of several people present in a rally? If the police stood still under the tree and watching the ill-fated man, why didn't the AAP call off the rally as the tragedy unfolded?

Whether it was a genuine case of suicide or a case of gross negligence by the authorities will be known only after a thorough probe is concluded. But to see the parties blaming each other over a tragedy that has engulfed India in recent times is a painful experience.

None of the major parties in India have taken an initiative to resolve the farmers' issues

None of the major parties of India have taken an initiative to resolve the farmers' issues in the country despite accusing each other and now after a farmer commits suicide in the national capital and the media sensationalising it, everybody takes a plunge to extract the maximum mileage.

Parties just shamelessly eye the farmers' votes

The CPI(M), Congress and the AAP besides many other regional parties are in a race to grab the space for leftism in Indian politics. Leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Sitaram Yechury and Arvind Kejriwal have decided to show their love for farmers with a hope that it will fetch them high points in the next set of elections.

They assume that since Narendra Modi belongs to the rightist camp which ideologically favours the rich and the urban middle-class, there lies a scope to draw level by tapping the rural votes. Hence woo the farmers.

Even the death of a farmer in the national capital doesn't push the parties to genuinely fight for the distressed lot

But the death of Gajendra Singh, perhaps India's 'luckiest farmer' (since not many farmers of this country have the luxury to commit suicide in the national capital in full media glare), exposed the accountability of our politicians.

Instead of coming together to help the farmers across the country who are facing a serious threat for survival because of several reasons, the parties are accusing each other for the latest death. If the death was a suicide or caused by an administrative blunder, let's investigation decide it. But why make it a political tool to drag each other?

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