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‘Farmers are dying but PM wants us to do Yoga’: Rahul Gandhi's Top Quotes

By Deepika

Speaking at the Congress' 84th plenary session, Congress President Rahul Gandhi made a scathing attack on Modi, saying the there is unemployment, farmers are dying and the PM wants us do Yoga in front of the India Gate.

Rahul Gandhi

Here are the top quote's from Rahul Gandhi's speech

  • Centuries ago there was huge battle on the field of Kurukshetra. The Kauravas were powerful and arrogant. The Pandavas fought for the truth.
  • Like the Kauravas BJP and RSS are designed to fight for power, like the Pandavas, Congress is designed to fight for truth.
  • The soil of this nation is drenched with the blood of Congressmen and Congresswomen who have died for it.
  • BJP is the voice of an organisation. Congress is the voice of a nation.
  • People will accept a man accused of murder as the President of the BJP, but they will never ever accept the same in the Congress Party because they hold Congress in the highest regard.
  • They tell Muslims of India who never went to Pakistan and supported this great nation that you don't belong here.
  • They tell the Tamils change your beautiful language, they tell people of north-east we don't like what you eat, tell women dress properly.
  • The PM diverts our attention and jumps from one event to another from Gabbar Singh tax to yoga in Parliament but never talks about the issues. But, the Congress cannot be stopped from seeking the truth and justice.
  • We paid 570 Cr per plane & Modi paid 1670 Cr for the same plane. He paid 1100 Cr more per plane. Forget fighter planes you can't trust such a man to buy vegetables!!!
  • Modi is not fighting corruption Modi is corruption.
  • The name Modi symbolises the collusion between India's biggest businessmen and the Prime Minister. Modi gives Modi 30,000 crores of your Money and in turn, Modi gives Modi money for marketing Modi and fighting elections.
  • India expects more from the Congress because it holds us to a higher standard than any other party.
  • No one can silence us from speaking the truth.
  • To every youngster in India, we are your instrument. The Congress party belongs to you. We want to open our doors to your talent, your bravery and your energy. This country is struggling and it needs you.
  • Gandhi spent 15 years in jail and died for the nation. But India must never forget that while our leader slept on the floor in jail Savarkar wrote a letter to the British begging for mercy and clemency.

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