BBMP: Is JD(S) sending a message to the Congress?

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Bengaluru, Aug 28: The run up to ruling the BBMP is seeing some tense moments with the JD(S) indicating that they would try and forge an alliance with the Congress.

The BJP on the other hand says that it has no problem and while there are certain technical glitches they will be in the seat of power in the BBMP. [BBMP election updates: BJP wins 100 seats, Congress wins 76 seats]


The BJP with 100 seats has a simple majority. It needs another 4 seats more to have absolute majority in the BBMP.

The BJP would be relying on the 8 Independent candidates who have won the elections. Although it is hard to say how many independents would go with the BJP, the party says that at least 4 of them are surely going to back them.

Number game:

The Congress and the JD(S) together have 76 and 14 seats respectively. Together they have 90 seats and even if they bring all the independents on their side, they will have 98 seats.

The magic number in the BBMP is 104. While the BJP may be able to pull at least 4 independents on their side, they would still need a number 128 if they have to elect the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

[BBMP polls: Who will be Bengaluru's Mayor?]

The BJP's spokesperson S Prakash says that the voting for the post of Mayor will not be a problem. They will get the absolute majority with the help of the independents and their 26 MLAs in the assembly will aid in the voting for the post of Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

Technical glitches:

The BJP says that the delay in the announcement is due to some technical glitches. The Congress and the JD(S) would need to do some serious number crunching apart from pulling out some of their corporators if they need to have the majority.

The mandate has gone against the Congress and it is highly unlikely that they would try and rule the BBMP, the BJP also states.

The magic number in the BBMP is 104.

Meanwhile, the JD(S) has indicated to the Congress that it is ready to enter into a truck if it wishes to rule the BBMP.

Only a portion of the Congress, most of them being from the anti-Siddaramaiah faction are showing some interest in this move. The Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah may not approve of this move.

Prakash says that BJP leader, R Ashoka would make an announcement on the BBMP, later during the day. He also says that they are not taking this move by the JD(S) seriously as it appears that they are trying to send some signal to the BJP.

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