Ban on Pakistan immigrants into the US is a welcome move, say Indian officials

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New Delhi, Jan 30: Indian agencies have welcomed the move by the United States of America which has proposed an immigration ban from Pakistan. Among all countries, Pakistan is without a doubt the most dangerous as terrorists have the backing of the ISI, which is one of the most dangerous spy agencies in the world, senior officials with the Research and Analysis Wing tell OneIndia.

Pakistan has produced the likes of Sajid Mir who has been labelled as an international terrorist. Prior to plotting the Mumbai 26/11 attack, he was in France setting up an international cell for the Lashkar-e-Taiba. The investigation that was conducted clearly indicated that he was roping in several persons from Pakistan to carry out attacks across the globe.

Officials welcome ban on Pak refugees

Indian officials say that the ISI has been picking several youth to immigrate into other countries to carry out terror strikes. Groups such as the al-Qaeda and the Lashkar-e-Taiba have always made it clear that the US and Israel are on top of their hit list.

As per the executive order visitors from countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan are subject to extreme vetting. White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus says, "We're not going to advertise to the world that we're going to put a stop or at least a further vetting on travel in and out of our country from these seven places.

Some people have suggested, that, well, maybe we should have given everyone a three-day warning. But that would just mean that a terrorist would just move up their travel plans by three days. Identifying too many people in these countries and giving them a heads-up in these countries would only potentially flag the executive order for bad order," Priebus said.

The White House on Sunday said there is a possibility in the future of including Pakistan in the list of countries from where immigration has been banned. This is for the first time that the Trump administration has publicly acknowledged about considering putting Pakistan into that list. Currently as per the executive order, visitors from countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan are subject to extreme vetting.

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