Areef Majid, the Indian youth who joined ISIS, expresses remorse

By: Oneindia Contributor
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‎The confusion regarding Areef Majid, one of the four youth who joined the ISIS, has finally been put to rest as he returned to India early on Friday morning. Majid told the Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the National Investigating Agency (NIA) that he managed to escape from the ISIS and landed in Turkey from where he is said to have been rescued. [How safe are the captives held by ISIS in Iraq?]

Majid was unhappy and fled during intense bombings

Sources told that Majid was unhappy and it was during the intense bombings that he managed to flee. The confusion regarding his death was caused after one of his accomplices Shaheen Tanki called home and spoke about Majid becoming a matyr. IB officials had however said that there was no confirmation of his death. It was very important to keep his movements a secret as India wanted these youth back at any cost as they could provide vital information. [Return of ISIS recruit an eye opener]

Majid regrets joining ISIS

Other youth will also return: NIA

NIA sources said that‎ the other youth will also return soon. Majid has repeatedly expressed remorse and said that he had made a mistake by leaving his country to join the ISIS.

Majid to be questioned on ISIS's details

Majid will be kept in NIA custody and questioned for vital details regarding the ISIS. Sources said he and the others were unhappy with the ISIS and felt that they were misguided. After a month all of them showed intent of returning and had made several attempts to contact the Indian mission. However the ISIS does not easily let: go of its recruits as they do not want information coming out.

India had kept a watch on every movement of these youth and attempts were made to bring them back.

Majid was unhappy and fled during intense bombings

There is no decision as yet on whether to book cases or not and a decision will be taken after consultation with the home ministry. The parents of these youth have been in touch with the home ministry since some time now.

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