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Return of ISIS recruit Areef Majid should be an eye-opener for Muslim youth

By Oneindia Contributor
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The return of Areef Majid is a shot in the arm for the Indian agencies fighting the ISIS threat. What Majid has been saying since his return needs to be a message for every Muslim youth who thinks the ISIS is perfect. [Majid, who left India to join ISIS, expresses remorse]

When he signed up for the ISIS not once did he expect that he would end up as either a scavenger or a man who arranges women for the ISIS thugs. There is no doubt that the ISIS wants Indians, but then they sure don't need them on the battle field since they are highly incapable. [He is not dead but alive: Mumbai youth who joined ISIS returns]

Return of Majeed an eye-opener

Journey of Areef and his four friends

The journey of Areef Majid and his four friends is similar. They left Kalyan with a lot of expectation‎ and even went on to state that their contribution is needed for the implementation of the Global Islamic Council. Majeed wanted to fight while Shaheen Tanki and the rest chose to help with the social media campaign.

What the IB and NIA have gathered so far is that‎ it was a major disappointment for them. They wanted to fight but ended up doing odd jobs. Jobs that range from scavenging, fetching water, cleaning etc."

The moment an Indian lands in Iraq or Syria, there is a camp waiting for them

The moment an Indian lands in Iraq or Syria, there is a camp for them. The Indians are identified as men from Hind. Unlike the other recruits, Indians are not taken into the battlefield unless in exceptional cases like Haja Fakkruddin who is believed to be fighting in Syria. However cases such as Haja's case is a rarity.

While the job assigned to Majid and the rest who are engineers was extremely demeaning the bigger shock was the manner in which the ISIS goes about the religious aspect.

ISIS never followed Quran: What Majid and others witnessed

Baghdadi claims he is the Caliph and he runs the Caliphate. What Majid and the rest got to witness was that there was not a single thing that the ISIS did which was part of the preaching in the Quran. None of the tenets mentioned in the Quran was being followed.

We had a different idea and when we saw women being killed or abducted or tortured we realised that the Caliphate was just a sham. The brutality was immense and beyond imagination. All we wanted to do was get out of there.

NIA seeking more information on ISIS

NIA sources said that they are seeking more information regarding the ISIS and also the camps for Indians. Several Indians have gone missing and are suspected to have joined the ISIS. Details on their travel and who in India helped recruit them are being found out.

Majid to be left off after questioning?

On the other hand, the agencies are contemplating to let him go after questioning. However, this would be done in consultation with the Home Ministry. The ISIS is not banned in India and in the absence of a crime committed her filing a case becomes difficult. Even if they are allowed to go, they will be kept under close watch.

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