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All you need to know about Black box, the vital equipment of an aeroplane

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Black Box, the crucial and most important equipment of any aircraft, comes to our mind when we hear about any air crash. Recovery of Black Box is the most discussed thing after any air crash. Below are the things we need to know about this crucial equipment.

All you need to know about Black box, the vital equipment of an aeroplane

What is Black Box?

* It consists of voice recorder and a flight data recorder.

* Both the devices are invaluable for air crash investigators globally and will continue to be crucial in finding out the causes of aviation accidents.

*Black Box is required to be equipped with the cockpit of the aircraft.

*It also offers plane manufacturers and government's considerable ideas to help make air travel as safe as possible.

Who invented the Black Box?

* The Black Box was invented by Australian scientist David Warren.

* The first demonstration unit was produced in 1957.

* Australia became the first country in the world to make the Black Box mandatory for all commercial aircraft after 1960 plane crash in Queensland.

The Cockpit Voice Recorder or first Black Box

* The cockpit voice recorder or first Black Box is used to record what the crew say and monitor any sounds that occur within the cockpit.

* It is also extremely important for determining the timing of events as it contains information such as communication between the crew and ground control and other aircraft.

* The Cockpit Voice Recorder is usually located in the tail of a plane.

Joining dots of Germanwings tragedy: An investigator's perspectiveJoining dots of Germanwings tragedy: An investigator's perspective

The Flight Data Recorder or second Black Box

* The primary function of Flight Data Recorder is used to record altitude, airspeed and direction the plane is heading.

* Flight Data Recorders are also able to monitor countless other actions undertaken by the plane, such as the movement of individual flaps on the wings, auto-pilot and fuel gauge.

* Information recorded in the Flight Data Recorder plays crucial role in investigation in case flight got crashed.

* Data stored in it helps Air Crash Investigators generate computer video reconstructions of a flight, so that they can visualise how a plane was handling shortly before a crash.

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