Joining dots of Germanwings tragedy: An investigator's perspective

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Dusseldorf, March 30: It is difficult to understand human psychology, especially when he is depressed or worried. But when that leads to a destruction of insurmountable loss, the problem magnifies. The Germanwings tragedy is presumed to be a case of suicide by the co-pilot who was in depression and was unstable mentally.

But that is not confirmed! As aviation experts piece together the parts of the ill-fated plane and the rescue workers carry the remains of the passengers to their loved ones, none of them know the reason why this happened.


Piecing together evidence

After searching his call history and his apartment, investigators have come across a very shady character in the otherwise jovial co-pilot Andreas Lubitz. The medical reports in his apartment indicated that the pilot had an ailing eyesight, something that he feared would jeopardise his career.

Barring the mental illness, evident in the letters by doctors, one of them torn to pieces.

Adding to the mystery is his conversation with his ex-girlfriend, also a stewardess, when he said he would do something that the world will remember him. She had said,"Lubitz was mentally unstable, screaming at night, at one point locking himself in a bathroom and complaining bitterly about how he was treated at his job."

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Jean-Pierre Michel, the chief French investigator and deputy head of the judicial police for the French Gendarmerie, said,"In a judicial investigation there are several working hypotheses, and you never discard all of the other hypotheses in one go, in order to give priority to just one of them."

"Of course, you have to be able to prioritize these different investigations to give yourself the maximum chances of solving the investigation as quickly as possible," he further added.

A pregnant girlfriend

As rumors have it, his present and long-standing girlfriend is pregnant with his child. While that should be a reason for happiness for the young co-pilot, investigators are trying to figure out whether the depression was due to his eyesight.

His letters and notes seemed to be that of a confused young man, though he was competent in hiding them from the world around him.

An impulse to 'die' for

Other theories believe that he might have done it in impulse or could have planned it and was looking for an opportunity.

However, nothing was found in his apartment confirming that premeditation.

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Investigators, meanwhile reveal shocking details from the plane's recorder. During the flight when the captain asked the co-pilot to prepare for landing, he used words like "we'll see" and "hopefully". When the pilot returned from the washroom, he found the cockpit door locked and when the plane started descending, the pilot could be heard banging and yelling," for God's sake open the door".

Meanwhile, the passengers had started screaming and an automatic warning,"Terrain. Pull up. Pull up."

At that point, the pilot said,"Open the damned door."

However, experts are not ready to give in to just the recorded evidence as they wish to explore the other hypothesis too.

"We have no right today to rule out other hypotheses, including the mechanical hypotheses, as long as we haven't proved that the plane had no problems," said Michel, he chief French investigator.

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