Why are 62 per cent of the Islamic terrorists educated?

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There was a time when many had said that education could help eradicate terrorism. Poverty and unemployment were considered to the major causes for terrorism. Now all that is in the past. The Dhaka attackers were all from well to do families and had a decent education.

Two thirds of the 9/11 attackers were educated. Kafeel Ahmed, the Glasgow bomber of Indian origin was an engineer.


A recent plot to kill British people led to investigators finding that the module comprised a majority of doctors. Several surveys have shown that 62 per cent of today's terrorists have had a decent education and brought up in well to do homes.

The educated terrorist:

Terrorist groups while recruiting give the first preference to the Engineers. This is due to the fact that Engineers have technical expertise and would help in high profile operations. While this is a technicality, why would a well educated person who has no dearth of money enter into the world of terror?

A document titled Radicalisation of Muslims in the United Kingdom states that the age at which a Muslims becomes radical is at 21 years. Further the document states that a Muslim is vulnerable to radicalisation between the ages of 16 and 34.

It makes it clear that poverty or lack of education are not the reasons for terrorism. It is the thinking mind which takes up to terrorism as they are in a position to analyse and interpret things.

The report states that there are a couple of reasons for radicalisation. The educated youth feel that it is the Western Policy that has led to Islam being under siege.

Further the death of a loved one is one of the causes. Ten per cent have taken to terror after a life trauma. Criminal records is one more reason. It has been found that 2/3rds of the Muslim prisoners who are not religious get radicalised while in jail.

Ideology vs materialistic gains:

A video put out by a medical student, Naseer Muthana from Syria sees him speaking about Jihad. A highly brainwashed and radical youth, he says there is no life without Jihad. However his father had said after watching the video that his son was a well educated and quiet person.

The difference between an educated terrorist and an uneducated one are their priorities. The well educated terrorist has an understanding of wider political issues. However the uneducated terrorist commits himself to materialistic gains over ideology.

Moreover, terrorist groups while screening for possible recruits prefer the educated ones. They are aware that the educated terrorist is more likely to end his life citing a political grievance.

This however, would not be the case of an uneducated terrorist who looks only for materialistic gains. Moreover, in the case of an educated the chances of him being screened is less as the profile is less recognizable.

Promoting hate:

Many have termed educated terrorists as misguided youth. Experts say that this is today a myth and the educated terrorist is fully aware of what he is doing. In many cases it has been found that the terrorist has been brought up in a good background and imparted education.

Further, it has also been found that the terrorist was not a loner and was even sociable and happily married.

There is however a major concern when it comes to the sermons that are delivered by the radicals. Most Mosques are not under the control of the state.

There is no regulatory authority overseeing the preachings or sermons that are delivered in some of the Mosques which urges the youth to take to terror. Experts say that no Mosques should be allowed to function outside of a regulatory authority.

There are a few Mosques which do preach hate and this has also been found as one of the primary concern.

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