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What 9/11 and 2006 Mumbai serial blasts taught us: Nothing else matters, but family and friends


Two different states in two different parts of the world met with a similar fate that tore everything apart. The remnances of 9/11 in USA and the memories of the 2006 Mumbai serial blasts tell the same story of lives ripped apart and dying hopes.

Finding similarities would not be difficult-both victim to extremists with jihadist ideologies, both involved innocent civilians and in numbers incomprehensible. The 209 deaths in Mumbai and the whopping 3,000 deaths in New York cry for justice, which has been served in the former case today. 12 of the 13 accused have been convicted by the Mumbai High Court.


Justice served, but scars remain

"And they will remain for ever", says one of the survivors of 9/11. He further continued,"it has taught us one thing that how much you earn does not matter, but your family and friends."

In fact that is what the last minute calls of victims prove.

While there were messages left on 911 for family and friends saying that they were loved and would be missed in the heavenly abode, there were others that wanted to go back to them.

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One such video of the last moments of Kevin Cosgrove said a lot about the last moment desparation that the victims may have gone through. One could hear him scream at the 911 operator asking her to bring help to the 105th floor of the 2nd tower.

Another desparate call from Melissa Doi and others like her show equal desparation. One anonymous caller calls her mother saying that she loves her. Another firefighter Walter calls up his wife saying that he loves her and the girls and his mum. His wife has his last message till date.

Another brother Neal calls his brother Brian, saying that he wanted everybody to know that he loved them.

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Bob Harrington recalls how he spoke to his daughter-Melissa-just a few minutes earlier and his thought that she would make it. But she never did. But she did not give up until she spoke to her husband Sean saying she loved him always.

There are several such accounts, several such desparations for help, hopelessness and love, which would be preserved for life. But for those, who have been left behind, life has come to a standstill. Unfortunately, for those in the 2006 Mumbai serial blasts, the family did not even get the chance to say goodbye.

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