Peter 'loves' to 'hate' Indrani Mukerjea; How Sheena Bora had a complicated environment

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The recent love letter sent by Peter Mukerjea to his wife Indrani Mukherjea, both jailed for conspiring the death of Sheena Bora, has sent the media on a tizzy. The already murkier case, has taken another complicated twist here.

The very next day after sending this love letter, Peter's lawyer issues a bail plea, saying that he was 'keen on divorce' and that getting a bail was a mandate for that. Peter seems to have compared himself and Indrani to Romeo and Juliet who are in love, but never unite.

Indrani-Peter Mukherjea

An Odessey long drawn

In the letter, dated January 3, Peter wrote:

Mumu, my dearest. Today is the special day in your life and mine too. Therefore, your birthday is a day we have always spent together since we met and this is the first year we're so close and yet so far! What can I say, other than to wish you a Happy Birthday in the now. Have a pleasant day, as much as you can.

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Remember that I am thinking of you throughout. You pray that you get through your innocence and get clear of this nightmare in good times. I hope this reaches you and you get to see it so it gives you a moment of joy in all the sadness that everyone is going through, you and me, most of all. God is great and will see an end to this, and like Romeo and Juliet, we will hopefully see each other soon," Peter further wrote, finally ending the letter with: "No more emotional stuff. Smile today, no matter what, my love, and you'll feel better for that. This year brings us more joy and happiness than 2015 did. Lots to look forward to, my treasure. Hugs and love, happy birthday girl!



A Faux pas per se, Peter acted strangely the very next moment and issued the bail plea, citing that all the charges be bestowed on Indrani Mukerjea since he was kept in dark and did not know anything about the murder.

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RIP Sheena, the media is taking your share of drama

Sheena Bora

Given the confusing situation above, one can very well imagine what Sheena may have gone through when she was alive. So much so that confused by her own family tree, she started dating her half brother.

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Her mum was not her mum, but her 'sister', so the former decided to share the latter's share of fortune.

Sheena too had problems, certainly! But the complicated environment, devalued by the spuriousness of her mother and her step father accentuated her mental 'instability'.

Has jail confinement gotten on Peter's head

The jail restrictions seem to have had severe solitary-confinement like repurcussions on Peter's psyche. According to a study of inmates at California's Pelican Bay State Prison, psychologist Craig Haney said that the prisoners in solitary confinement lose their abilities to initiate or to control their own behaviour or to organize their own lives.

Peter Mukherjea

Peter's behaviour toward Indrani is on similar lines. He does not exactly know what he wants, a ladylove, a muse or freedom from her?

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But amid this, media and the common man is losing its insanity. The story will hit the headlines again and a harrowing time will begin figuring out locating Sheena in Indrani's family tree.

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