Sheena Bora Murder: When Indrani Mukerjea became 'Good Samaritan', confused all

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Mumbai, Nov 23: Indrani Mukerjea, the main accused in Sheena Bora murder case, once had become a "Good Samaritan", a phrase which means someone who helps a stranger.

The shocking information was revealed when investigating CBI officers checked one mail allegedly sent by Sheena to Indrani's husband Peter Mikerjea.

Indrani Mukerjea

In the mail, Sheena allegedly had written, "It may all sound very bizarre to you but this and only this is the real truth. Indrani is neither my sister nor my mother but just a good Samaritan who arrived in our lives a few years ago."

The content of the email indeed confused all as it did not match with other evidences which proved that Sheena did not like Indrani.

However, as the investigation progressed, it was proved that it was not Sheena but Indrani who had used Sheena's mail id and had sent the mail to Peter to prove her innocence.

The above mentioned mail was sent to Peter after Sheena's murder as it has been proved that Sheena was killed in 2012 and the mail was sent in 2013.

Indrani allegedly tried to show that Sheena was very much alive and information regarding her relation with Sheena was mere "rumours".

It has been reported that Indrani cooked up a story to convince Peter Mukerjea that she was not Sheena's mother.

Cooked up story by Indrani Mukerjea:

The email, purportedly sent from Sheena's account, says that her grandparents had a daughter, whose name was also Indrani. "My grandparents had a daughter and an only child Indrani Bora (your wife's namesake), who was my mother," the mail read.

It said that her mother (Indrani Bora) had Sheena and Mikhail from a man she had eloped with as the family totally disapproved the relationship.

"After struggling for couple of years on their own and finding it impossible to make ends meet, they (Indrani Bora and her husband) decided to return home when my mother was pregnant with Mikhail," the mail said.

According to the email, Sheena's father belonged to a lower caste and did not come from a financially sound family, the relationship was unacceptable to her grandparents and they were ashamed to acknowledge him. After she (Indrani Bora) returned, she was ill-treated at the house and unable to bear it, she left the home, the email further read.

The mail also said that in 1991 when there was a major civil unrest in Assam and numerous kidnappings were taking place, Sheena's uncle had brought a young girl home in an unconscious and injured state.

"I was so young that time that I never understood it and did not know who she was and where she came from," the mail read.

It further read that while the girl's face was battered, Sheena thought her face did resemble the photograph of her mother (Indrani Bora), but was much younger.

"The girl who was brought was taken away and was never to be seen again," it said.

"Your wife Indrani was the girl who was brought to our home in that unconscious state," the mail written to Peter, said.

The mail also said that the child (girl who was brought) was briefed with the complete details of Indrani Bora and a new identity of hers' was prepared in 1991 under that name.

"If you have access to her birth certificate you will see that it was made in that year though it should have been made many years ago," the mail said.

The mail said that the girl started to embrace the identity of Indrani Bora.

"She (Indrani) met Sanjeev Khanna (her former husband) through the family she was living with and they got married in next couple of years. When his (Sanjeev's) family contacted my (grand) parents, they said that they had nothing to do with their daughter as she had left home after a fight and it was shameful for a girl to do but she was not their daughter," said the mail.

The mail also said when Sheena approached Khanna for information but he warned her to stay away from Indrani and Vidhie (Indrani's daughter with Sanjeev Khanna).

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