Flashback 2014: Restoring faith in humanity: Year's top 5 civilian efforts to save lives

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Bengaluru, Dec 8: It is hard to retain faith in humanity anymore, especially with the increase in the number of horrifying incidents, ridden with death, assault, revenge and rape.

However, humanity rests and rests on this very Earth. Here is a list of five incidents that will restore your faith on humanity yet again.


1. People tilt train to save man (Australia): In a heartwarming incident, dozens of railway commuters in Australia tilted the train to help release a trapped passenger who slipped into the gap between the train and the platform.

Appreciating the entire incident, Western Australia State Public Transport Authority released the CCTV footage that showed the passengers pushing against the train to release the man.

This happened while the victim and the rest of the passengers were boarding the train at a station in Perth. While passenger alerted the train staff, not to start the train, the others ran to help the railway workers to release the man.

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2. Passengers move frozen plane in Russia (Siberia): 74 passengers of UTair showed great courage and perseverance in moving a 61,640-pound, 122-foot-long passenger jet in temperatures at a temperature of -62 degrees.

In Igarka, some 163 miles north of the Arctic Circle, the braking system of the plane got frozen. Following this, the passengers got down from the plane to make it lighter and pushed it to start.

Oksana Gorbunova, of West Siberia's transport prosecution department, told Tass.Ru: "In air temperatures as low as -52 degrees Celsius its braking system got jammed. The tug-truck failed to get the plane moving so friendly passengers agreed to help and they soon safely left for home."

3. Jammu and Kashmir floods (India): One of the major devastations caused by nature, the Jammu and Kashmir floods was the biggest loss to life and property after the Uttarakhand floods. While residents were busy saving their own belongings from the ravaging waters of the flood, they did not hesitate to help the defence personnel in the rescue operations. One could see NGOs working round the clock to feed the homeless. Men were seen carrying their neighbour's babies on their heads, while tugging on to their belongings too.

The social media also played a very important role in helping trace the missing. WatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, everything was put to use to help people connect to their loved ones. Students stepped out of their homes to help distribute relief material to the elderly and the babies. This came, when the government failed to bring any relief to the people here. 

4. Japanese clean up stadium after match: A football match between Japan and Greece was memorable for its fans. While the match ended in draw, the Japanese fans stole the show as they maintained their tradition of cleaning the stadium even in Brazil. Business consultant Kenji Yoshida, who lives in Los Angeles, said,"It's our tradition. Living without waste is much better." In fact, he and his wife were a part of the 15,000 strong crowd who cheered for the 'Nippon' (Japan).

The fans were disappointed after the match, but they stayed back to clean the stadium and the bathroom. 

5. Puneites tilt bus to rescue trapped boys (India): In yet another civilian rescue operation in Pune, 50 residents in Pune came together to shove a bus and save the lives of two youths trapped underneath. Onlookers said that the bus rammed into the motorcycle-borne students and hit the signal before coming to a halt. The people held the bus up till the students could be rescued and a crane arrived.

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