10 similarities between 100 days of Modi govt and Obama govt

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama are among the world's powerful leaders. Obama has shown the world his leadership skills as the US president for two consecutive terms.

On the contrary, Modi has garnered the world's attention with his flawless governance skills even before becoming the prime minister of India, as the successful chief minister of Gujarat in past 15 years.


Lets take a look at 10 similarities of the first 100 days of Modi-led NDA government and Obama government:

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Economy challenge

Obama: In 2008, when Barack Obama was elected as the US president, then the first challenging task for him was to bring back the country's economy on the right track. America's GDP growth rate was reported to be 0.3% at that time.

Modi: When Narendra Modi took oath as India's prime minister in May 2014, the country's economic situation was a challenge for him, which was at 4.5% GDP growth rate. [Read: Modi warns of tough measures on economic front]

Citizen Economic plan

Obama: In his first 100 days, Obama launched an economic plan of $787 billion. Besides, he also launched schemes like health insurance, working family schemes and women-related schemes.

Modi: PM Modi announced "PM Jan Dhan Yojana" on 15th August, during his speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort. He launched this ambitious scheme on August 28, 2014, so that every individual has a bank account of his/her own and to improve the financial situation of every household. [Read: Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana launched]

Women empowerment

Obama: Obama backed gender identity and spoke on curbing female foeticide.

Modi: Modi also speaks in favour of women empowerment and against female foeticide. During his maiden speech as India's PM on Independence Day, PM talked about lack of toilets for women in rural areas and the problems they have to face on daily basis. He also talked about the importance of girl child education.[Read: PM Modi's Independence Day speech]

Survey Report

Obama: On completing 100 days in power, Gallop conducted a survey in which 65% voted in his favour and 29% people voted against his style of working.

Modi: An all-India survey conducted by the India Today Group-Hansa Research titled 'Mood of the Nation opinion poll' found that 57 per cent participants believe Narendra Modi is best suited to be prime minister. [Read: 57% respondents say Modi best fit for PM post]

World reaction

Obama: The whole world was gazing at the US when Barack Obama was elected its president. World leaders wanted to know what will be Obama's strategy on Iraq and Afghanistan.

Modi: When Modi became PM, then the countries like the US, the UK, China, Australia and Germany wanted to know how will he deal with his neighbouring country Pakistan, given the BJP's communal image. [Read: World reacts to Modi led BJP's election victory]

Media coverage

Obama: Not only the American media, but the UK Media and other world media too gave full coverage to Obama's first 100 days of governance.

Modi: Besides Indian media, the whole world media gave Modi government's thumping victory the top priority on their front pages and in the prime time news slots. [Read: Indian Media reaction on Narendra Modi's victory]

Interaction with media

Obama: Obama didn't interact much with the media in his initial days of governance. In-fact, he had banned the press to avoid interaction.

Modi: Before the elections, Modi gave interviews to most of the news channels (both Hindi and English), but after being elected as the PM, Modi too developed a distance with media, but he has kept the interaction channels open through the social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Besides, the PMO page and mygov sites were launched to keep the citizens updated about the government.

[Read: Tech savvy new government to use and track social media]

Closed schemes by previous governments

Obama: Obama had annulled all the federal regulations proposals by his predecessor George W Bush.

Modi: Within 100 days, Modi had declared to stop various schemes of the UPA government including the scrapping of the Planning Commission. [Read: New body replaces Planning Commission]

Strict rules

Obama: Obama introduced some tough laws for the staff workers and lobbyists. White House staff workers were also not allowed to bring their relatives inside the presidential palace.

Modi: Modi chalked out a list of agendas and do's and don'ts for his council of ministers. Modi also told all the ministers, MLAs and MPs that they should refrain from keeping their relatives in their staff posts. [Read: Modi chalks out a list of do's and dont's]


Obama: In April 2009, Obama attended the 5th 'Summit of the Americas' where he met and shook hands with the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, who was a staunch opponent of Washington. [Read: When Obama met Chavez]

Modi: Modi attended the 6th BRICS summit held in Fortaleza, Brazil in July this year. Despite differences, Modi met the Chinese PM Xi Jinping, by keeping hostilities at bay. [Read: Modi's BRICS Summit 2014 speech]

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