December 4 in history: An Indian president & prime minister were born on this day

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Bengaluru, Dec 4: Today is Thursday, December 4, 2014. What happened on this day in history? Oneindia takes a look at the past: [This day in history: Dec 3]

December 4: This day in history

771: Charlemagne becomes the sole ruler of the Frankish Empire after the death of his brother Carloman.

1131: Persian poet Omar Khaiyyam dies.

1783: First US president George Washington delivers his farewell address to his officers in New York City.

1816: James Monroe becomes the fifth president of the US.

1829: The British abolished 'Sati' in India (in which a widow burntherself to death on her husband's funeral pyre).

1861: US Senate expels Kentucky Senator John C. Brekinridge for joining the Confederate Army.
Queen Victoria prohibits the export of gunpowder, firearms and material for their production.

1888: Historian Romesh Chandra Majumdar was born.

1910: Former president of India R Venkataraman was born.

1919: Former prime minister IK Gujral was born.

1924: Lord Riding inaugurates the Gateway of India.

1941: Operation Taifun launched by the German army in October to take over Moscow that year is halted because of extreme weather conditions.

1945: The Senate approves the USA's participation in the UN.


1950: The University of Tennessee defies court rulings, rejects five Negro applicants.

1952: The Grumman XS2F-1 makes its maiden flight.

1977: Indian cricketer Ajit Agarkar was born.

1978: Dianne Feinstein becomes San Francisco's first female mayor.

1981: President Ronald Reagan broadens the espionage power of the CIA.

1982: Asian Games concludes in New Delhi.

1985: Robert McFarland resigns as National Security Advisor.

1992: US president George HW Bush orders dispatching 28,000 troops to Somalia for the civil war.

1999: 1,690 Indian soldiers leave for Sierra Leone in Africa to join the UN mission to implement the peace accord.

2003: Interpol put former president of Liberia Charles Taylor on its most-wanted list.

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