Telangana Mahakutami: Why has the CPI-M stayed away from TDP-Congress

Hyderabad, Sep 12: The Congress and TDP appear to have ironed out their differences to fight the Telangana assembly elections 2018 together. The two parties decided to fight the polls along with the CPI in a bid to take on the TRS, which recently dissolved the assembly.

The alliance would be known as a Mahakutami or grand alliance. Incidentally this is the for the first time that the TDP and Congress are coming together to fight an election together. Never has this happened before in the 35 year old history of the TDP.

The Telangana Congress chief, Uttam Kumar Reddy said that they would try and rope in all the opposition parties to defeat the TRS

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While this alliance was being cobbled up, it must be noted that the CPI-M has decided to stay away from it at least for now. The CPM had formed the Left Bahujan Samaj Front which comprised 31 social organisations. The CPM conveyed to the TDP that it would not join the alliance. The reason cited by the CPM was that it had formed the LBS to counter the Congress and BJP. Now with the Congress being part of the grand alliance, it would not be right on its part to join it.

These developments come in the wake of Congress chief, Rahul Gandhi planning a broad-based alliance in Telangana.

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