Bangladeshis travel 50 km to charge their mobile phones

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Kolkata, Aug 21: Ever walked for more than 50 km to charge your phone or to buy supplies? For the people living in Mashaldanga, this is the harsh truth. People here travel down a 230 metre Public Works Department (PWD) road

Mashaldanga, a Bangladeshi enclave in Indian territory, have to travel down a 230-metre PWD road to a foreign land in India for their daily needs and to charge their cell phones because their enclave has no electricity supply.

50 km travel to charge phone: Kolkata
The enclave is situated about 50 km from Cooch Behar town and is surrounded by gram panchayats like Najirhat, Shalmara, Divaltari and Garoljhora.

People from Mashaldanga say that since their enclave is surrounded by Indian territory everywhere they have no choice but to go to the nearest Bamanhat market which is located on Indian soil.

They spend anywhere between Rs 4 to Rs 8 per hour to charge their phones. The more they travel in search of a shop to charge their phones the lesser they pay.  If they go to a close by shop they end up paying more. One can easily do business by charging the mobile phones of Bangladeshis' provided they have a multiple mobile charging point.

Like Mashaldanga, there are many other Bangladeshi enclaves like the Powaturkuthi and Mrigipur that are dependent on the Bamanhat market.

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