Love affair: Hina-Bilawal threatened but Pak soldier killed

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Islamabad, March 14: Earlier reports had surfaced saying that Hina Rabbani Khar and Bilawal Bhutto had been threatened to be stoned or whipped to be death over their alleged illicit love affair. Now, months after such controversial reports, a soldier in Pakistan indeed faced similar kind of consequence for falling for a girl who was from a different community.

BBC reported that a Pakistani soldier, who belonged to Sunni Muslims, allegedly had fallen in love with a girl who was a Shia Muslim. Citing the illicit love affair, tribal elders of Kurram (north-west Pakistan) asked people to throw stones at the soldier who later bled to death in a cemetery near the town of Parachinar.

One of the tribal elders has been quoted as saying, "The girl left her home on Monday and met Anwar Din when villagers saw them. We took the girl into custody and took the boy to the local graveyard where he was stoned to death and buried."

The elder also chided, "The army is here for our security but if they engage in such activities we will not let them stay here. This is an insult to tribal customs. We will revolt against this."

Months before the deadly incident in the country, reports had emerged over Hina and Bilawal's alleged love affair. Bangladeshi tabloid Blitz, the first media organisation reported on the sensational high profile affair in Pakistan, had reported that eminent Islamic scholars, leaders and clergies in Bangladesh had recommended whipped or stoned to death for the duo. [Read: In love, Hina-Bilawal to be whipped or stoned to death?]

According to the tabloid, the clergies had recommended such horrible punishment for Pakistan Foreign Minister and Chairman of ruling Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) under Sharia law.

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