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Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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California, Jul 24: It seems like the search giant Google got a double bonanza with the launch of its new social networking site Google Plus! Latest market reports suggest that after the launch of Google+, users are spending more time on Google, that means more revenue from display ad market.

Earlier, the market leader and world's largest social networking site Facebook surpassed Google in time spent on it by the consumers. The time spent by the customers on the site is a crucial data for the advertisers. Reports suggested that major advertisers had shifted their focus to social sites as the users are spending more time on it.

But after the arrival of Facebook-Killer Google+, users have started spending more time on Google than they were doing a month ago. The data published by Alexa, the body which ranks site, revealed that users are spending 14.5 minutes on Google compared to 13.8 minutes they used to spend till Jun, the period before the launch of Google+.

Google Plus has managed to bag more than 20 million users in less that three weeks. Even though it's in field trial stage, The Google+ is spreading like a wildfire among the social networking users. It is expected that the number of G+ users will grow up in coming days as it has launched an app for Apple's iconic smartphone iPhone. Also, some the users have found bugs to use iPhone app on iPad tablet.

The Google Plus is Google's latest answer to Facebook. The new platform offers more features and excitement to the users. Its Circles, the feature that allows users to manage their contacts in separate groups, and group video calling service Hangouts helped it to appraisal from all over the world.

Even though Google has not yet announced the public launch date of Google Plus, users are able to login through Invites received from other Google+ users. Google said that they are working to fix bugs and in coming days the company will add more features to Google+ platform.

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