Tips & Tricks: How to get Google Plus on iPad?

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Google Plus app on iPad
Bangalore, Jul 24: Just follow this tips and say loud - Hello Apple and Google, I am enjoying Google+ on my iPad! Before the launch of an exclusive Google Plus app for iPad, hackers and and tech-savvy developers found new ways to use the Google+ iPhone app on iPad.

Google recently launched the Google+ app for iPhone and said that they are planning to launch apps for other iOS devices. But just few days after the launch of iPhone app, developers cracked this app and started using it on iPad. This new trick also helped the new social networking site Google+, which is still in field trial stage, to grab more users.

With the reports of 20 million users around the globe, Google Plus has become a serious competitior to the market leader Facebook. Google has not yet announced the launch date of Google+ that offers more features than any other social sites in the market.

Brian Burgess, the executive editor at BYTE, has found ways to use Google+ iPhone app on iPad. Here is it:

  • Download the Google+ mobile app for iPhone from the iTunes App Store
  • Download and install the iPhone Configuration Utility for Mac from Apple"s website.
  • Accept the defaults and install iPhone Configuration Utility
  • Open Utilities and launch the iPhone Configuration Utility
  • Highlight Applications and click Add. Then navigate to User >> Music >> iTunes >> iTunes Media >> Mobile Applications >> Google+ 1.01.ipa and click Open.
  • Now plug your iPad into your Mac. After a moment, you'll see it listed under Devices.
  • Highlight iPad. Click on the Applications tab. Scroll down until you see the Google+ mobile app. Hit Install.
  • It just takes a few seconds to install. Eject your iPad and unplug it. You'll see the icon for Google+ on your Home Screen. Just tap it to launch the application.
  • Sign into your Google+ account and you'll be able to get it on the iPad.
  • The app is not optimized for the iPad's screen resolution. So run it in 2x mode.

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