Tips to get Facebook, Twitter on Google Plus

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Facebook Vs Google Plus
Bangalore, Jul 19: It's raining apps for Google Plus to bring Facebook close to it! While Facebook tries to keep distance from the recently announced social networking site, Google+, app developers are storming their brains to integrate both platforms. With just two weeks after its launch, several apps popped up in the market promising Facebook features on Google+ or better integration between the two platforms.

Earlier, we reported various methods to export albums and photos from Facebook to Google Plus, today we want to share  the most easiest way to migrate from Facebook and Twitter to Google+. It's obvious that Google Plus has become the hot cake in the market and most of the social networking addicts are eagerly waiting to receive an Invite before the public launch. Moreover, Google+ has bagged more than 10 million users in less than two weeks.

Here is a new app that makes your life easier. Just install it and get all Facebook and Twitter updates right on your Google+ account. The new 'Start G+' chrome extension helps you to see all post to Facebook and Twitter within Google+ and helps you to import your photos from Facebook.

The Start G+ was developed by computer programmer Zane Claes and it can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store. Install this app and feel the magic. After installing, you can see new Facebook and Twitter buttons and a Gmail notification icon in the top right. If you have logged in to Facebook or Twitter, you can see posts, status updates & feed. You can also post to other social sites from Google+ itself!

There"s also a drop down menu that includes the following three options: Completely Disable Facebook Features, Completely Disable Twitter Features, and Turn Off Gmail Notifier.

Features of Start G+:

  • Put your Facebook and Twitter streams inside your Google+ stream, complete with Stream links on the side, as well as rich media.
  • Automatically post to Facebook and Twitter whenever you share something on Google+ (you can turn this on/off from within the share window in Google+)
  • Add a Gmail inbox notifier to the top bar. Clicking on the Gmail icon shows a menu with unread messages that lets you access your emails directly inside Google+.
  • Visit to transfer or sync your photos from Facebook. If you don"t have Google+, you"ll be offered a Google+ invite.

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