Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi's love making secrets revealed

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Silvio Berlusconi
London, Jul 2: Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi always makes headlines with his repeating controversies over sexual relationships with different people at different time. Now, all his secrets have been unearthed.

Berlusconi's doctor, Umberto Scapagnini, during an interview of a radio show, claimed that Berlusconi is capable of making love five times in a day, even at the age of 74.

The PM "has the sex drive of a man at least 15 years younger," added the doctor. Berlusconi's sex life, which is neither a secret nor a private affair, has dragged the PM to court several time.

74-year-old Berlusconi has made several headlines after having sex with girls who were not even 18-years-old. Recently, The Sun reported that a court heard of raunchy scenes at Berlusconi's villa - dubbed a "bordello" or brothel by prosecutors.

Making astonishing statements on his client, the doctor Umberto Scapagnini said, "Physically he (Berlusconi) is a man of 60 or even less."

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