If push comes to shove, I will put in my papers: Maran

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Dayanidhi Maran
New Delhi, Jul 1: With the virtual Damocles sword hanging atop Union Textiles Minister Dayanidhi Maran's head with the Opposition and other parties gunning for his head for his involvement in the Aircel-Maxis controversy, Maran is most likely to hang up his boots.

Following his meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, he seem to have made matters clear and is believed to have said to sources that he would submit his resignation “if push comes to shove". He also apparently stated that he would not embarrass the Prime Minister and has been quoted as saying, “If push comes to shove, I will put in my papers."

But he refuted all claims to offer his resignation and called them “speculative" and called the meet with the PM as a routine affair and said, “It is nothing. I am a minister. The meeting was in connection with official work."

Maran was accused of arm-twisting the then Aircel Chief C Sivasankaran into selling the company to Maxis, who had business interests in Maran's family owned firm Kalaignar TV. Sivasankaran is believed to have provided vital evidence in this regard to the CBI, this making matters difficult for Maran.

On the allegations, Maran had commented earlier, “Most of you have been trying to make a story today saying that I forced, arm-twisted and strangulated a person to sell his business to other person. Let me tell you Sivasankaran is not a millionaire, but a multi-billionaire. No one can force anyone to sell the business."

With Maran's fate uncertain, will he have to forgo his Cabinet post especially in the wake of an impending Cabinet reshuffle? Only time will tell.

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