Kashmir on mind, Pak PM talks of peace in South-East Asia

Posted By: Biswajeet Panda
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Yusuf Raza Gilani
Muzafarrabad, May 24: Unable to protect their own-people but still undeterred enough to lend a helping hand to Kashmiri separatists, that is what sums up Pakistani Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani's tall claims about bringing peace to the Southeast Asian neighbourhood.

Just at the time when one of his country's most guarded naval airbase was laid siege to by only six Taliban militants, Gilani was addressing a forum in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and said that unless the Kashmir issue is resolved there won't be any peace in south-east Asia.

Inaugurating a two-day conference, organised by the Azad Jammu and Kashmir University, Gilani said, “Unless this core issue is resolved, the dream of peace and harmony in the region cannot come true."

Calling upon the international community to help in resolving the dispute, he said, “Today, the world has transformed itself into a global village. Unrest in one country or region undeniably affects the whole world," and called them to come forward to resolve the long-standing dispute between India and Pakistan over Kashmir.

Gilani, then went on speaking at length about the various developmental activities undertaken by the Pakistani government to improve the living conditions for Kashmiris in PoK. Significantly enough, he decided to not to mention the various terror-camps thriving in the region and the way they are looked after the Pakistani military and the ISI.

It is worth mentioning that Pakistan has always been asking for the independence of Pakistan from India while it has been a long-established and accepted fact that Kashmir is legally a part of India. Pakistan, which has been extremely vocal about Kashmir's independence has also been conveniently forgetting that it has also illegally occupied a part of Kashmir and that if his country's government really mean what they say, then they should first grant independence to PoK from their occupation and terror-outfits thriving there.

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