Hillary Clinton predicts doom for China's communist regime

Posted By: Biswajeet Panda
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Hillary Clinton
Washington, May 11: It is beyond anyone's doubt that in the current world order, the clout of the United States of America is fast diminishing. And it is even becoming that China is fast emerging as the US' successor. But, that doesn't matter to the political leadership in the US as some of them still believe that China won't last long. Count Hillary Rodham Clinton in that list too.

Hillary Clinton, a former first lady and the current Secretary of States of the USA has in an interview to Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic magazine, has provocatively suggested that the Communist regime in China would soon fall to a revolt similar to the ones being experienced in the Arab World and countries of North Africa.

She has been quoted as saying, “(The Chinese) are worried. They"re trying to stop history, which is a fool"s errand. They cannot do it, but they"re going to hold it off as long as possible."

She responded with the above statement when asked if China is somewhat scared after the recent strings of revolts against oppressive regimes.

Speaking about Iran and its growing stature in the Middle East, particularly in the aftermath of unrest in Egypt, Bahrain and Qatar, she replied, "Well, I regret deeply the way that the regime in Iran is treating their own people, the level of hypocrisy that they have demonstrated in responding to the uprisings across the region. They have demonstrated quite a talent for totalitarianism, and they have imposed a relentless mind-control mechanism that has begun to go even into what is in their textbooks, what you can learn, what you can talk about. That is so contrary to the kind of mentality of the modern Iranian from everything we know, but it is a scary place now to live in."

Such was Clinton's undiplomatic and firebrand answers that Jeffrey Goldberg, reminisced former US President Ronald Reagan, who had made a simple yet legendary point to Richard V Allen in 1977, about America's goal in the Cold War. He had said, "My idea of American policy toward the Soviet Union is simple, and some would say simplistic..It is this: We win and they lose."

Clinton, who is not a presidential aspirant anymore, surely talks tough and the fact that she does while still being in office speaks volume of the grit she possesses as a leader. Way to go, Hillary. If only India had a leader of her caliber!

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