After DNA test, Osama Bin Laden thrown to sharks!

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Osama Bin Laden
Washington, May 2: It seems that the sharks of the sea have been posed to a mere danger as several media reports on Monday, May 2 claimed that Bin Laden's body has been buried in a sea, maintaining the Islamic practice and tradition.

According to the Islamic tradition, the body is to be washed by Muslim men and buried as soon as possible, usually by the next prayer. Some media reports said, US officials feared that Osama's burial place may become a terrorist shrine. To avoid such situation, US officials decided to bury the body of the al-Qaeda chief in a sea.

However, contradictory reports also have been brewed among the international media as few other reports claimed that the United States is conducting DNA test on the slain bin Laden and used facial recognition techniques to confirm the death news of Laden.The results will be declared within two days, US officials informed on Monday, May 2.

Earlier, a US official said, "We are ensuring that it is handled in accordance with Islamic practice and tradition. This is something that we take very seriously. And so therefore this is being handled in an appropriate manner."

US forces killed Laden and his family members (six children and two wives) outside a mansion in Abbottabad, 150 km north of Islamabad.

While US President Barack Obama claimed, "Osama's death is a significant win and historic victory," the incident clearly exposed the real face of Pakistan.

Pakistan had so far denied the presence of Osama within its territory, but the al-Qaeda chief was killed at a place which is just 150 km away from its capital - Islamabad. Osama was killed outside a mansion near Army academy.

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