Libya: India defies UN decision; game over for UNSC race?

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New York, Mar 18: The United Nations, finally, has taken a strong step to nail down Muammar Gaddafi, the rigid leader of Libya. Snubbing Gaddafi's all dire threats, UN has decided to corner the Libyan leader by clamping a no-fly zone over Libya.

Citing the aggressive steps taken by Gaddafi, ten of the 15-member body voted in favour of the no fly zone resolution, but five nations China, Russia (which have veto power) and non-permanent members Germany and Brazil, including India abstained from voting.

India's step back shocked many. While other nations are inclined to mar Gaddafi's rein and to protect Libyans from Gaddafi's forces, India's UN representative Hardeep Singh Puri stated, "This resolution calls for far-reaching measures but we never got answers to very basic questions." Puri also claimed, "This entire exercise has been based on less than complete information."

However, India's objection to no fly zone over Libya surprised many and received criticism as Indians also raised voice against India's latest decision in UN.

Many feared that by opposing UN's unanimous decision, India may create problem for itself. Some suggested that India may lose its opportunity in winning the permanent seat battle in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

Well-known journalist, Swapan Dasgupta claimed on Twitter, "Now UN has approved 'no fly zone' in Libya, we must insist that IAF plays a part. If we aspire to permanent UNSC, India must take on role."

Citing India's decision over maintaining a distance with UN's no fly zone vote, Dasgupta claimed, "...must abide by its (UN) decisions. India can't b selective. In any case, we should have voted to pulverise Gaddafi."

Well established journalist, NDTV editor, Barkha Dutt also supported Mr Dasgupta's statement in Twitter as she replied to Dasgupta by Tweeting, "I agree with that fully."

Well-known TV actor Shekhar Kapoor also raised his voice against India's decision as he tweeted, "why did India not vote for international support of democratic movement in Libya at UN security council?" Many have doubted that following Jammu Kashmir's situation, India might have decided to oppose UN in a grievous front.

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