No money, poor dogs pay with their lives

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Bishkek, Feb 16: If you thought that dogs are man's best friend then you are right. However, if you feel that humans would reciprocate the feelings, then you are completely wrong. Dogs on the streets of Kyrgyzstan are going to learn this the hard way.

According to a report published by the Huffington Post, nearly 10,000 of Kyrgyzstan's stray dogs are about to be shot dead by the administration. Officials have cited budgetary constraints to be the reason, which has forced them to slay the canines rather than build shelters for them.

The report also quoted an official saying that nearly 5,000 stray dogs were shot in 2010 due to the same reasons. This year, the stray dogs are being caught during the mornings and are being shot by a team of ten shooters and dog catchers. This makes us wonder if the bullets and the services of the people are causing any monetary constraints on the officials?

The report informs that the officials have asked people to not to consider the act as barbaric.

Although the country is in poor financial health, however, slaying the stray canines is no solution to the problem. Tomorrow if the country does not have provisions for its orphans, will it also retort to killing them in such a discriminate manner?

In a world driven by economics, there seems to be no value for the life of these stray dogs. These canines are not mongrel or stray by their own choice. These wonderful animals are dwelling as stray dogs because the country does not have a plan for the creatures who share the same right to live on earth as we all do. May their soul rest in peace.

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