Gilani says court will decide Davis case as Obama steps in

Posted By: Pti
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"We are facing difficult decisions. There is a political price. If we take it, then the people do not supportus, and if we don''t do it, the world does not support us,"Gilani added.

"We are caught between the devil and the deep sea.

This needs wisdom. We will do whatever is in the interest ofthe country and the nation," Gilani said against a backdrop ofincreasing US pressure to free Davis.

A White House envoy, Senator John Kerry, who is inPakistan tendered a public apology for the death of the twoPakistani men, and said Davis'' conduct would be looked into bythe US Justice Department, once he returns after release.

Kerry had a flurry of meetings with top Pakistaniofficials, including Gilani, conveying to them Obama''s messageon the issue.

At a news conference earlier, Obama said: "Withrespect to Mr Davis, our diplomat in Pakistan, we''ve got avery simple principle here that every country in the worldthat is party to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relationshas upheld in the past and should uphold in the future".

"We expect Pakistan, that''s a signatory shouldrecognise Mr Davis as a diplomat, to abide by the sameconvention," Obama said.

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