Egypt delays reopening stock exchange

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Scuffles had broken out yesterday between the soldiers and some of the protesters as the Army tried to clear theSquare to enable normal traffic movement.

Some protesters said they wanted more concrete stepsto be taken before they withdraw their demonstrationcompletely. But later in day, the military dissolved theparliament and suspended the constitution, meeting two majordemands of the protesters.

The council said it would be in charge of thegovernment for six months or until parliamentary elections areheld to decide the next government.

Some protest organisers have called for a "VictoryMarch" to be held across the country on Friday.

Former president Mubarak handed over power to themilitary last week forced by an unprecedented mass movementthat shook not only Egypt but the entire Arab world.

The military has promised to oversee a peacefultransition to democracy and has set a September date forgeneral elections.

Meanwhile, the media apparatus that was loyal to theMubarak regime and glorified his 30-year rule has nowindicated that it will be more attentive to the Egyptianpeople.

Ever since Vice President Omar Suleiman announced thatthe 82-year-old president was stepping down, there was adrastic change in the tone of the state media.

The employees of once pro-regime Al-Ahram daily formedan emergency council to revamp the paper''s coverage and itsheadline of the next day read, "The people ousted the regime."

For the first time since uprising, coverage ofAl-Ahram provoked positive comments on facebook for itsobjectivity and fluent proper language instead of the usualcynicism preserved for its commentaries and lies.

Two days after the president stepped down, the stateTV started referring him as Mubarak and not former president.

It also featured the investigations of origin ofwealth of former ministers who were at the same timepracticing businessmen.

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